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MaQin Investment Group

We build immersive business startups.


Global Services of MaQin Investment Group

Welcome to MaQin Investment Group - Empowering Innovation and Growth in Key Industries

Startup Investment

Fostering Technological Breakthroughs and Entrepreneurial Ventures

Tourism Industry Investment

Creating Unforgettable Travel Experiences and Cultural Exploration

Education Industry Investment

Transforming Learning and Empowering Minds for the Future

Cryptocurrency Investment

Navigating the Future of Digital Finance and Blockchain Technology

Strategic Market Research

Insightful Analysis and Data-Driven Decision-Making for Market Success

Business Development in China

Unlocking Opportunities and Establishing a Strong Presence in the Chinese Market

Kamal Heidar Tamini - CEO

Kamal Heidar Tamini
About us

Connecting people around the world.

MaQin Investment Group stands as the dedicated investment arm of Beijing Longyue Technology Development Co., Ltd. (BLYTD), embodying a commitment to fostering innovation and driving growth in key industries. With a vision to propel groundbreaking ideas into reality, MaQin serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurial ventures, technological advancements, and strategic investments.

At MaQin, our mission is clear: to identify, nurture, and invest in promising startups and innovative ventures across various sectors. We aim to leverage our expertise, resources, and extensive network to support entrepreneurs in turning their vision into tangible success stories. By bridging the gap between groundbreaking ideas and sustainable growth, we strive to contribute to the advancement of industries and the global economy.

With over a decade of experience in the Chinese market, MaQin specializes in investing in startups within the technology, tourism, education, and cryptocurrency sectors. Our team of seasoned professionals possesses deep industry knowledge and a keen eye for identifying disruptive trends and emerging opportunities. By focusing on these dynamic fields, we aim to drive innovation, spur economic development, and create lasting value for our partners and stakeholders.

At MaQin, we believe in a collaborative and hands-on approach to investment. We work closely with founders and entrepreneurs, providing not just financial support but also strategic guidance, mentorship, and access to our extensive network of industry experts and resources. By fostering a culture of innovation, integrity, and excellence, we empower our portfolio companies to thrive in competitive markets and achieve sustainable growth.


Strategic Solutions Sustainable Growth

Explore our strategic solutions tailored to drive sustainable growth and success in today's dynamic business landscape. From market analysis to strategic planning and execution, our expert team is dedicated to crafting innovative strategies that propel businesses forward. Discover how our strategic insights and actionable plans can help you navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve your long-term objectives with confidence.

Global Experts

As a partner of corporates, Liquid has more than 9,000 partners of all sizes and all potential of session.

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